Slow down city traffic

I am concerned about a high-volume traffic area in downtown Altoona, specifically the intersection of Green Avenue and Eleventh Street.

People traveling up Green Avenue and heading in a southwest direction (toward the post office) approach Eleventh Street and turn left there to proceed to Tenth Avenue.

Many times I have seen vehicles make that turn at a high rate of speed, cutting the corner sharply. This block on Eleventh Street is the Altoona Housing Authority and Eleventh Street Towers Apartments.

With no regard for the elderly and the residents on this block, they speed through only to have to stop at a stop sign at Tenth Avenue.

I would like to recommend a speed bump on this street to slow down the traffic before someone gets seriously injured while crossing the street.

The Department of Unemployment is also across the street and a busy area.

With all the construction going on in this area of the city, it would not take much to accomplish this simple speed bump installation and possibly save a life or eventually a serious injury to someone.

Hopefully this will be noticed and something done by the city of Altoona.

Bruce D. Laudenberger