Shuster runs on empty

It isn’t known if Congressman Bill Shuster was ever taught about service to others. He has, however, received every instruction on how to serve one’s self.

Since taking office, he has done nothing to the benefit of his constituents. This is self-evident on his website.

He is happy to associate his name with other’s achievements. He congratulates others that have made achievements by their hard work, heroism, patriotism and for putting their lives on the line in the service of others.

However, there are no achievements by Bill Shuster.

Shuster will not meet with his constituents in any forum, because he fears accountability.

He will only appear at public events full of fanfare celebrating his personal views or imagined achievements.

That was evidenced by his appearance at the 2013 Altoona Area High School graduation.

While he was able to talk about himself and give the overall impression that he is on your side, there was no opportunity for the people to address him.

He deserves credit for giving a non-political speech; then again, his agenda didn’t require him to. He knows that this class will be voting for the first time when he is up for re-election.

Many of them will vote for the congressman because he associated his name with their greatest achievement.

One is reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s warning, “Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people.”

If the congressman wants to receive money for doing absolutely nothing for the people, let him retire.

He will notice no change in his self-serving lifestyle, and it will allow the people to be served by one with a record of service.

The Shuster reign has been a long one, and its narcissism leaves us vexed.

David Port