Sestak will support vets

When Admiral Joe Sestak declared he would be running for the U.S. Senate, I was happy to hear it primarily for one reason: He will take care of our veterans.

Our Senators and Congressmen voted to send them to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, adding $1 trillion to our national debt.

Joe Sestak supported our veterans when he was in Congress, and we need him now in the U.S. Senate.

Otherwise, we will continue to have Senator Pat Toomey, who doesn’t understand the cost of wars or the cost of what we owe our veterans who actually fight them.

A good example of Toomey’s lack of understanding: In 2012, a Senate bill to help sick Vietnam veterans was ignored.

In my opinion, Sestak would not have ignored that bill.

John J. Bury, US Navy, retired

Media, PA