Seniors can’t afford transportation increase

Recently my elderly mother showed me the new pricing for the senior services transportation.

What was a 50-cent fee each way for a ride wherever is now $1 for the first 0-3.99 miles and increases to the rate of $5 for 20-plus miles. That’s one way.

This service is, for many, the only means of transportation to doctor appointments, etc. Now it is an unaffordable service.

Blair Senior Services is closing the Claysburg, Roaring Spring and Duncansville centers and relocating these centers to East Freedom.

What they’re building looks like a lovely establishment. Too bad there will be limited attendance since the seniors will no longer be able to afford transportation there.

These people are on a fixed income. It’s pretty sad that the Republican government now controlling Pennsylvania is targeting the seniors of our state.

The amount of revenue this state could amass would be astounding if they would just drug test the welfare recipients.

Unfortunately, the senior citizens will suffer since they seem to be an easy target to recoup monies.

Shelley Snyder