Selling Valley View was a big mistake

How could two of our commissioners, Terry Tomassetti and Diane Meling, be so stupid that they would sell Valley View?

Ted Beam seems to have his priorities in the right place being against this sale. Good job, Mr. Beam. You deserve credit for trying to do the right thing.

As for Tomassetti and Meling, all they can see are dollar signs.

The county already owned Valley View, and Tomassetti and Meling say that it had to be sold for financial reasons because the county could not keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.

How do they think Reliant Valley View Limited Liability Corp. of Philadelphia will be able to keep things up to par?

After all, Reliant had to pay $16 million to the county to buy it.

It just goes to show that Reliant apparently knows how to manage whereas our commissioners don’t.

What is the county going to do with the $16 million that it received since they don’t have the expense of Valley View anymore?

Tomassetti and Meling will find a way to spend it for sure. The day may come when a commissioner might need a place like Valley View to place a family member or friend, and it will be gone.

Lenny Metz