Public should support Paterno suit vs. NCAA

The article in a recent Mirror about the more than 325 players who signed a petition supporting the lawsuit by the Paterno family makes one really believe the American people do have common sense and a knowledge that this case is an injustice to a great and good man, his family, and all who had the occasion to deal with him and observe his relations with the athletes.

He supported them in their future ventures on the road of life and encouraged in them honesty, fairness and loyalty, none of which they received from the NCAA decision.

The high ideals they were taught to believe in were sacked by a greedy envious group that would destroy the integrity of a great university and the young athletes who professed loyalty and devotion by signing their college years over to Penn State.

And, with a great coach, they together made it one of the greatest and most respected sports colleges and academic schools in our nation.

The stripping of 110 wins, the $60 million fine, the removal of the Paterno statue from the stadium they built, cutting recruiting and postseason games, firing Joe Paterno, who was so near death, certainly shows a callousness not seen in our country today.

This verdict never should hold up in our justice system.

It is cruel and unjust. It ravages the efforts of a great university to maintain integrity in their athletic endeavors and it degrades the athletes who graduated by taking 110 wins away from them.

This is a situation that was ruled on by a brainless group that really doesn’t know what it is doing.

We must all line up with these 325 players and the Paterno family and right a grievous injustice that the powers that be impose on us all.

Joe Wiedemer, Altoona