Limit funding used to combat drug use

Enough is enough!

In response to the recent letter by Jonathan Wolf, CEO of Pyramid Healthcare, let’s get right to the real reason he wants increased funding for drug use.

More funding means more help for his company. Also, look how many more brain-affected clients he’ll have.

These people knew what they were getting into to start with. You might put the blame for this where it belongs: half decent parenting.

Many parents nowadays don’t have time for their kids, just don’t care, or are on drugs themselves. Instead of increased funding, drop all funding and let them live the life of hell they have created.

Taxes go up – we live with it.

Gas goes up – we live with it.

Food goes up – we live with it.

Social Security increases – everything goes up.

Guess what? We live with it.

Altoona, like many other communities, has an epidemic of drug use and crack houses.

Don’t make it easy on them with providing more funding. Cut the head off the snake: Stop feeding them with taxpayer money.

Rodger Macek