Hospital jumped gun

I have a difference of opinion when it comes to health care in our region.

After reading the article about UPMC being affiliated with Altoona Hospital, I wondered if the board members jumped the gun and signed too quickly. I think they did.

One reason is because they didn’t care about Highmark subscribers and will force them to pay higher rates and be an out-of-network provider.

Altoona Regional has just signed its life away, and for what? I have dealt with Altoona Regional for more than 10 years when my spouse was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been in remission since then and the doctors that she goes to have been understanding and answer all questions concerning her condition.

Now that they are affiliated with UPMC, I have my doubts to the quality of care when it becomes official.

Be prepared to pay more because that’s how I see the distant future.

Paul Schonvisky, Johnstown