Family must remain strength of society

Growing up in the roaring 1920s, the depression ’30s, and the wartime ’40s does not qualify one as a “seer,” but it does provide a good look back at what we used to be, compared to what we are now.

True, all was not well in the conduct of some of our society then, but family values were strong.

The strength of the family has always been the core of the strength of our nation and in return, government respected and protected this institution, avoiding infringing on its morality.

Family is instituted by the sacred rite of marriage to form the commitment of a lifelong union of a man and a woman, and, if blessed, to bear and raise children capable of endowing the future with respect for God and country.

Family is the front line of defense for children against the dangers of society. Such as:

Pornography – An onslaught of pedophilia and rampant smut exists.

Bullying – Awareness is the key.

Cyber orphans – Children, displaced from family presence in the vastness of the internet with no parental oversight.

Driving while drinking or texting – A continuing slaughter from loss of guidance.

Abortion – young promiscuous mothers are murdering millions of their unwanted infants. Is providing contraceptives for 15-year-old girls the solution or a surrender?

Abuse of government subsidies encourages dysfunctional family character. It’s too rampant to attempt to itemize.

Unmarried couples are living together for economic and lifestyle convenience, putting off the natural order of child rearing, which through its trials creates the greatest loving moments and memories.

Single-parent households created by abandonment and divorce. Some provide proper child rearing; many do not. (Gun control is not the solution to their children’s rampages.)

Same sex “marriages” – keep it between adults. Don’t let vulnerable adopted children have to deal with this enigma.

Drug addiction – Even the healthiest of families are destroyed by this insidious scourge.

We are losing the battle.

Statistics leave no doubt these situations have become a part of our society; but many, who never experienced the past, will laugh at these as ramblings.

But, in each case, it is the children who are suffering. They are our future, and the American way is going to suffer as this foundation continues to crumble. Parenting is a very time-consuming and sacrificial process, particularly for the mother.

The desire for career achievement (women’s lib) is very difficult to coordinate with motherhood. Compromises can be worked out, but it will still be a compromise.

The heartbeat of family is vulnerable, and depends on the good works of all facets of our society for sustenance. Without family, we become a driven herd. Many have sacrificed their lives for this sacrament; don’t let it be in vain.

Lee Wertz