Dodson will be missed

This letter is in response to the letter written by James Calvert and published in the Mirror (June 1) on the subject of Hollidaysburg Mayor Joseph Dodson.

I was appalled by the letter written about a longtime friend of mine. Clearly, Calbert doesn’t know Dodson. Otherwise, he would know he wasn’t looking for 15 minutes of fame.

Those “15 minutes” were eight years of hard work and complete dedication to the citizens of Hollidaysburg.

Dodson is a loving husband and father to three amazing children, “Pop-Pop” to five darling grandchildren and a kind, generous friend and colleague to many people – a true professional.

Dodson will resume his life as he knows it. He is not the loser here; the citizens of Hollidaysburg are the losers.

When an election comes down to a two-vote difference, I think a recount should be mandatory. There is something very fishy here.

Louise Mathews

Baltimore, Md.