Williamsburg feels parade restriction

PennDot stopped Williamsburg from having a Memorial Day parade because Route 866 is a state road which comes into the town of Williamsburg on West First Street and High Street.

Now parades on state roads or crossing a state road need to have insurance and file for a permit at least eight weeks before the parade. When did this rule come about?

Our freedom is not free; it cost the lives of men and women who fought for our freedom which we have today.

A Memorial Day parade is also a thank you to the men and women who served and are still serving our country. They deserve to be honored with a parade.

There are signs about a parade, police and fire police directing traffic, so I do not understand why the military could not be honored.

Williamsburg citizens still honored their veterans with a Sunday church service.

On Monday a breakfast was served, and a walk-and-drive event was held at the town park – and at every cemetery in and outside of Williamsburg.

PennDot: The veterans should have been honored by a parade. This requirement needs to be changed.

Thank you to all the men and women for protecting our country.

Patricia Krajacic