Williamsburg family touches WWII?vet

I have never been to Williamsburg, and by name, don’t know anyone there. But I know you must be doing something right, given the wonderful residents of your town that I met today.

I had the honor to take my father from Oregon on an Honor Flight for WWII veterans to Washington, D.C., on May 18.

While at the U.S. Marine Memorial, a young lady and her two teenage sons were watching a group of veterans – all in their 80s and 90s – pose for some group photos.

I was touched by the honor shown to my father and the other veterans by this young lady teaching patriotism to her two boys.

She said she was from Williamsburg, about a three-plus hour drive from the capital, so I assume it was your town. She let me know how she missed her grandfather, who has passed, but who served bravely on New Guinea. My father and I both were honored to be able to talk to them.

I have no idea of the young lady’s name, or whether she reads this paper, but if anyone knows of this mother who took her sons to the capital May 18, please tell her of this.

I know her grandfather’s reluctance to talk was not out of any reason other than the hope that he had to see things that no man should ever bear, and by keeping the horrible things he had experienced to himself, he hoped they might never be repeated for all the generations to follow.

This strength and bravery, as well as that heroism he showed during his service, have earned him a place on the right hand of God, and he is watching over his family with love and thanks.

And I also know that any community that has this family as part of its legacy can be very proud.

Gary Johnson

Chaska, Minn.