When it comes to rights, don’t pick and choose

I have been thinking for many months about gun control and the fervor has died down here, but I hope I am able to still make some points that were missed along the way.

First, I have seen many letters written about the rights of unborn children being taken away through abortion. (For the record, I am not pro-abortion).

And, most recently, we have seen many letters written about one’s right to own assault rifles. I have not seen, however, one letter written about the rights of gun victims. Their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been taken away.

Just as a woman walks into an abortion clinic to end the rights of her child, another picks up a gun to end the life of others. I suppose we pick and choose whose rights and what rights are more important.

And we all know that someone can be killed by a gun, a knife, or even by the hands of another person, but what has the potential to cause the most damage?

No civilian should have access to assault rifles. These are weapons of mass destruction, yet so many people are fighting to keep these things constitutionally protected.

This is mind-boggling. I come from an avid hunting family and the only time these men used an assault rifle was in Vietnam.

But if you want to argue that it is covered under the Second Amendment, where do we stop? I suppose we should all own Sherman tanks, grenades and bombs. Freedom of speech has limitations, yet I don’t see any rallies being held about that.

One of the things that has me most upset was that so many Pennsylvania gun owners and gun owners around the country went out and gobbled up as much ammo and as many guns as they could when President Obama suggested sane gun-control laws.

I found this to be sad and disheartening. I expected more from our citizens, and I was wrong. Has everyone forgotten about Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora and now Newtown? Was the president supposed to sit back and do nothing after such numerous tragedies?

And let’s discuss the NRA, which is backed by the very powerful gun lobby and very rich individuals. They don’t care about your gun rights; they make out just fine getting their money from gun and ammo manufacturers.

Lastly, I need to mention an article I came across in The Washington Post written by Charlotte Childress and Harriet Childress. They point to the facts that most mass shootings are committed by white males.

The gun lobby wants to put all the blame on the mental health system. But there are girls and women who are mentally ill and they are not picking up semiautomatic weapons and killing people.

White men make up 30 percent of the population and commit 70 percent of mass killings. There is some serious bitterness by these men over any gun-control proposals. Perhaps we need to dig deeper to find all the answers.

Just because one has the right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

Lori Wiedemer