Treat all the same

I realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I did find Sharon Finocchio’s homophobic comments (letter May 25) disturbing.

I have many gay and lesbian friends – to whom I simply refer to as “my friends” – and I honestly don’t think her remarks belong in the hometown newspaper.

She has established herself as someone who has read the Bible, and I’m sure she follows it to a T. I’m hoping she doesn’t mix fabrics, such as that sinfully soft 50 percent cotton/50 percent polyester blend Leviticus warned everyone against. Her husband’s beard must be well past his waist since Leviticus doesn’t allow men to shave. Also, she probably has never grabbed a man on the shoulder because Deuteronomy calls for her hand to be cut off.

Changing outdated laws isn’t so bad, right? If it wasn’t for First Amendment, she wouldn’t be allowed to publicly express her narrow-minded opinion. The 19th Amendment allows her, a woman, the right to vote.

She’s forgetting the big picture here that God is supposed to love everybody. I don’t remember him saying “love thy neighbor, unless they’re gay.”

This is yet another civil rights movement our country is going through. It should not even be an issue, because civil rights means the rights for everyone no matter what.

There are numerous same-sex couples I know who are more devoted to each other than some heterosexual couples I’ve met. Same-sex couples have to choose to want children.

They go through lengthy adoption processes or time- consuming searches for a surrogate because they have made a choice to raise a child.

It takes planning and time for these parents. They aren’t a couple after prom night fooling around in a parking lot or two people who have kids just to abuse the welfare system. Same-sex couples are devoted to a choice, not an accident.

If same-sex marriage is so threatening to her marriage or way of life, then maybe she’s just insecure with herself. I believe that everyone has the right to be happy and marry whomever they want. It doesn’t diminish my own relationship whatsoever. Same-sex couples should be allowed benefits just as anyone else would be, and I applaud the companies that have established those rights.

It’s sad that we live in a society where people use a book about loving, caring, and helping out fellow humans to persecute against a group of people who identify differently from you.

Kyle Dodson