Tea Party wants meeting with Shuster

On numerous occasions since its formation five years ago, the Blair County Tea Party has formally requested that Congressman Bill Shuster meet with the public at a meeting arranged and sponsored by the tea party, as a public service.

These invitations were to be held at a time that was convenient to the congressman.

Our recent requests were mailed and emailed in early April and again in early May asking the congressman for any date in the next several months, that would be convenient for him to participate in a town hall event.

Those requests, like all those before it, have been met with silence.

In spite of the lack of response from his office, we find it interesting that many of the tea party events were attended and observed by representatives from his office. Were they simply interested citizens or were they by chance concerned by the tea party’s focus on the preservation of our constitutional rights and the demand for financial responsibility and accountability of the government?

Is it possible, like President Obama, who knew nothing of the recently discovered actions of the IRS and the Justice Department, that Congressman Shuster is simply being kept in the dark by his staff over the tea party’s request to meet with him in a public forum?

In order to give the congressman the benefit of the doubt, the tea party, through this letter, is making this request to arrange a public meeting with Congressman Shuster at a time convenient to his schedule.

We look forward to his response.

Sue Nebgen, President, Andrew Katz, Vice Pres.

(This letter was also signed by Blair County Tea Party board members Janeen Nebelski, David L. Port and Judy Berryman and three others.)