Obama vs. individual liberties

In Alan Moore’s thriller, “V for Vendetta,” the protagonist of the story heeds his protege the following warning: “Happiness is the most insidious prison of all.”

Although Moore’s fictitious classic is a tale of a dystopian society, it’s frightening how relevant the above quote is to the Obama administration.

In the past few weeks, scandal after scandal has been brought to the attention of the American public. At first, it was the discrimination of the IRS against “right-leaning” organizations and individuals.

Next it was the wire-tappings of Associated Press reporters, followed by the White House’s cover-ups in the Benghazi crisis. Then we learned that drones have been killing Americans.

At some point one has to wonder, when will this administration stop?

The truth is, it won’t.

Obama and his administration are on a crusade against individual liberties. The administration has resorted to redefining safety in order to disguise the fact that it is violating the Constitution and infringing on fundamental rights.

Sadly, many Americans think that what their government is doing is making our lives much safer. They naively believe that stricter gun legislation will stop violent crimes, that drone surveillance will only pertain to criminals, and that certain information should be withheld from the public.

These people are prisoners to the ostensible prison of happiness.

If you support a government in which powerful federal departments are used to discriminate against opposition organizations and individuals, journalist and media outlets are spied on, news reports are edited to conceal unpopular details, and drones are used to kill fellow Americans, then you’re in luck.

By the time his presidency is over, Obama will have extended the power and oversight of the federal government to levels inconceivable to our founders.

Ethan Wilt, Altoona