Obama leading us down the wrong road

It’s finally happened – all those cloned, who cares, reality shows have taken over the minds of a sizeable number of Altoona Mirror readers, causing some ridiculous, incredulous submissions for our perusal.

Some of these are so far from the actual state of affairs they are actually funny,

First, let me say that I have been voting for 60 years, and I can say, without any hesitation or doubt, that as far as the everyday, hard-working man and his family, the elderly, the sick, and our Armed Forces, and every God-fearing individual in America, Obama has been, is, and will be, absolutely, the worst president this country has ever had – bar none.

A recent contributor, while praising Obama, actually proves my point. She states, “Obama is trying to do so much for women, minorities, gays, lesbians, immigrants and others.”

This is true, but let’s look more closely at this agenda.

The “others” mentioned are big money and the entertainment industry. Their wishes are Obama’s command.

When is the last time you saw the First Lady giving an Oscar at the Academy Awards? Give me a break.

Then we know Obama favors abortion in all its forms in helping women and minorities maintain their lifestyle without the interruption of an unwanted pregnancy.

Lesbians and gays love him because he backs same-sex marriages with the same benefits as real married men and women couples.

His agenda is turning the USA into North Mexico, as 11 million illegal immigrants will attest to.

Everything our ancestors had to work for, and most Americans are still fighting for, without much help from the government, Obama gives to these immigrants with a big smile on his face, like some sort of Santa Claus.

In all of Obama’s and the government’s plans and manipulation, God’s name is never mentioned. The Lord is no longer relevant to too many Americans, and that is sad.

All these gay-timers and same-sex marriages and sins against God and man are addressed in the Bible, and no amount of smoke-blowing, wishful thinking, or personal opinion will change that.

Nothing Obama, nor Congress, nor any Godless-minded individual’s scheme can change God’s law, no matter how hard they try.

Ed Leipold