Let’s not ignore truth

In a letter to the editor (March 28), Zenas Brehm accused President Obama of improprieties and other issues. I will compare what Brehm said Obama has done to what Bush did and Congress is doing.

Brehm said, “If we don’t know history, we’ll repeat it.”

Then, the writer says, like Hitler, Obama wants to take our guns; that’s what regimes do.

Bush knew the Vietnam War was started with a lie. Yet he started the Iraq War (Obama was against it) with multiple lies. Hitler never feared Germans with rifles, shotguns and pistols, because he had tanks, artillery and an infantry. Uprisings would have been crushed.

Brehm said Obama bowed to foreign leaders and went on $4 million vacations. What did Bush do when he gave the female leader of Germany a public neck rub? Then held the hand of a rich Saudi oil sheik while showing him his ranch?

Bush was president eight years and flew to his ranch almost every weekend. There’s 416 weekends in eight years. What did that cost taxpayers?

Brehm said Obama napped during Benghazi. Bush must have been in a deep sleep before 9/11.

Obama is not dividing society as Brehm said, but Congressional Republicans are. They care more about their rich friends than women, workers, children, the elderly, poor and cancer patients.

Brehm doesn’t like evolution, science or Margaret Sanger. Well, the earth is over 4,000 years old, there were prehistoric humans, and the sun does not revolve around the earth. Sanger was a leader in birth control, which most women and many men (of many religions) practice.

Brehm mentions abortion. Will any Altoona anti-abortionist raise a child to keep it from being aborted?

The truth always comes out; at times, it takes a while.

Dennis C. Shore