Lack of sympathy

Our children grew up with dogs. They now have dogs of their own. These pets are a part of our family.

They give us love, and we love them in return. We do all we can to protect them. My daughter has a 6-foot fence around her yard enforced with chicken wire around the bottom to insure the safety of her pets.

On Friday morning, May 10, my daughter’s little dog somehow managed to get out of the yard, was hit and killed on Second Street. The driver chose not to stop.

The way the dog was hit, the driver had to know he hit something. Dogs get out, accidents happen, but to not stop to see if you can render service, or check tags to see if you can find the owner is just wrong.

Many people don’t understand that a dog is part of your family, and when you lose one it is taking a piece of your heart.

How heartless can one be to hit a dog or a cat knowing it may belong to someone and not take a minute to stop, look for the owner, and at least offer sympathy?

Peggy Guyer