Keeping an open mind on homosexuality

Upon reading the opinion on sin and same sex marriages put forth by Sharon Finocchio, I gave it the thought and proper respect it deserved before deciding on my reply.

In my early teens, I, like most if not all of my friends, were very homophobic. We would harass, condemn and judge their homosexuality. Now, I was raised in the church; I had then, as now, a firm belief in God and knew his laws.

However, my judgment of homosexuals was not due to my church upbringing; it was based solely on fear of something different, lack of knowledge and understanding.

My pastor always said, “Ours is not to judge, lest we be judged.” That was left to God. Our lot is to be concerned with how we live our lives for God.

As the years have passed, I’ve come to the opinion that things such as lifestyle, skin color, or sexual preference for most individuals doesn’t have the same bearing on the person they become, when compared to mistreatment by others, based on these very issues.

Aren’t homosexuals expected to fulfill the same responsibilities and requirements as every other American?

So, in that regard, isn’t it an act of prejudice to not allow them the act of marriage? To have a family? Haven’t we learned enough lessons through history?

Concerning homosexuals and adoption, don’t all of us know or have come in contact with at least one, or possibly more, children who suffer at the hands of abusive or recklessly neglectful so-called parents?

I would rather have those children be where they are loved and cared for, rather than be constantly handed back to the biological parents. God did start with Adam and Eve.

That went so well, he flooded the earth and started over. God then put his 10 basic commandments in stone, because not everyone was getting it.

We still weren’t listening very well which caused God to sacrifice his son so we could still have a chance at redemption.

We are witness to sin and evil every day, that’s true.

It seems to be coming from the virtuous and ethical society who are saying that same sex parenting and marriage are major problems.

In truth, this is just an excuse to avoid placing their efforts into much more important issues.

I, personally, will give them the respect, understanding and prayers that they deserve, because I would expect the same. We’re all in this together. I think God would want us to assist each other, not alienate.

Harry E. Shumaker Jr.