Gesture long overdue

Finally, righting a wrong.

I would like to take the time to thank Ken Hollen and all the men and women of the Blair County War Veterans Council that finally made it possible to fix something that has been eating at me since May 2, 2004.

Every time I would read the names of servicemen and women from Blair County that were killed in action, my heart goes out to their families but even more so to the one forgotten from this list: Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert B. Jenkins USN-Seabees.

I am proud to say I served with him for a short time, and he was a outstanding young man, dedicated to his friends, family and country.

Thank you again for finally giving Jenkins his place in history and his name on the list of Blair County brothers and sisters KIA. I hope everyone at some time will make the effort to go to the Robert E. Laws Veterans Plaza to pay their respects to the ones that gave everything for us.

Jack Fetterman

USN Seabees Retired