Decision outrageous

I would like to comment on the article, “Psychiatric report helps man stay out of jail.”

The decision by Judge Timothy Sullivan and testimony of Dr. Joseph Antonowicz should cause public outrage. The girl, 15, was raped by this 22-year-old, Thomas Garrett Cooper. Whether he had her consent or not, it’s rape.

Sullivan was concerned about the perpetrator’s “mental ability and state of mind” before sentencing him. What about the victim’s mental ability and state of mind? Does that matter at all?

She is 15 years old – a child.

Antonowicz was concerned about Cooper being “victimized and in no position to protect himself” if incarcerated. What about the child he raped? Was she not victimized and in no position to help herself?

Antonowicz goes on to say that Cooper does “not pose any substantial risk to the community and is unlikely to reoffend.” But he then states that Cooper is “impulsive and easily influenced.”

Is raping a child not “substantial?”

Cooper’s maximum sentence is 23 months. He may get nine months of home detention. The laws must be changed. This only goes to show that women and children are still not given the value they deserve.

I wonder how Sullivan or Antonowicz would feel if this child were their daughter or granddaughter? I would hope not the same way.

All this type of sentencing does is give these animals a license to abuse, and it’s time to stand up and fight to keep them where they belong – in jail.

Kim Peacock