Culture of violence affecting society

First, I would like to state that children are the greatest gift we, as humans, can be given.

A previous letter to the editor made points for gun control and so-called assault weapons. I would like to see a true definition of what an assault weapon is.

To make statements about percentages with the number that make up these percentages can be very deceiving. For example: 70 percent of 10 is seven, a very small number.

More children are killed in automobiles (probably while the driver is on the phone), sleds, bicycles, home swimming pools. Should these be outlawed also?

Here are some actual numbers to think about: 1.02 million women murdered their babies, through legal abortion – 75 percent for convenience. These murders are legal by man’s laws, but what about morally, how does a higher power view this act?

These babies never got the chance to reach the age of the children at Newtown.

During President Clinton’s assault weapons ban, China imported its military weapons (assault weapons) legally by the ship loads, so inexpensively that you could buy a dozen for the price of one today.

Why do the cities with the highest crime rate have the strictest gun laws?

Gun laws simply don’t work. The murder rate in 2011 with knives was: 1,694; hands, fists and feet: 728; hammers and clubs: 496; (FBI data).

What do we do about this? In my opinion, the culture of violence comes from violence on TV, violence in movies, violence in video games, and the fact that we no longer teach the Ten Commandments and prayer.

But our laws uphold the First Amendment because the first three are large contributors to politicians, the last is to appease special interest groups by politicians.

People, don’t be fooled.

There are ways to change the constitution, set in place by the framers, not by a judge or a president.

Lastly, it’s not about children; it’s about freedom.

John Grove