Common Core overrated

Parents, wake up!

The Common Core is nothing more than a package of surveillance gadgets designed to track your child’s constant movement and target educational materials for you to purchase to “help” your child.

It’s the biggest marketing ploy to be heaped on American public schools and parents. The teachers and schools have absolutely no need for Common Core standards.

They need smaller class sizes, better teaching resources like lab equipment, time to collaborate and administrators who are also grounded as master teachers.

Take a look at the schools the purveyors of the Common Core send their children to. No Common Core means small class sizes, plenty of rich teaching resources and administrators that value powerful teaching and learning.

If the Common Core is so good then why not mandate it in private schools? Why do those that push the Common Core on others get to shield their own children from this horrendous intrusion into local control?

This curriculum has absolutely nothing redeeming and was designed and forced on our schools for one purpose – to suck tax dollars away from children, teachers and schools.

Instead of microscopes for biology classes, your schools will need to spend precious money on computing hardware and testing systems.

There is no research to support the implementation of the Common Core-only marketing analyses that demonstrates the millions of dollars that will be made by Common Core entrepreneurs.

If Pennsylvania schools are about to spend millions of dollars, the money should go to kids, teachers and schools.

The research is clear. If you want better schools, you invest in kids, teachers and neighborhood schools.

Timothy D. Slekar