Commissioner’s comments disturbing

The comments made to the Altoona Mirror in the June 14 article titled “Bumping process expected to result in lost jobs” by Commissioner Terry Tomassetti are troubling on so many levels.

Tomassetti states that he “became aware” of the job bumping issue “about a month” before Valley View Home was to be transferred to new ownership. I am not sure how this is possible, because this bumping process has been a part of the legally binding union contract between the county and workers for at least 20 years, and Tomassetti has signed those contracts at least twice since he has been in office.

He also takes the position that bumping is a “union matter” and the commissioners are not responsible for it. With this statement, he admits that, as a commissioner and lawyer, he will sign contracts and then take no responsibility for their consequences. How many other Blair County contracts does he not thoroughly read, understand or accept the ultimate consequences of?

I also find it interesting that he states he tried to weaken the union membership by removing a portion of the workers from it. These workers enjoyed the many benefits of union membership, including the process of bidding into jobs from Valley View to the courthouse and highway staff for years.

Commissioners Diane Meling and Tomassetti need to admit that they are the responsible parties in a decision to sell Valley View, despite thousands of people in the community warning them of the consequences of that action.

Their decision cost jobs and ruined people’s lives. Claiming you weren’t aware of the consequences of your actions is the height of irresponsibility for any elected official. I can only hope this decision will haunt them, and voters will think hard and long before they would consider either for any elected office in the future.

Dawn Futrell