Writer stereotypes

If one were to look up the slang term for a donkey, the picture of letter writer Joe Wiedemer would undoubtedly appear.

But as scary as it is to say, I agree with Wiedemer’s premise about Sen. Bob Casey and his supporting argument. I do, however, disagree with his opinion of the gay community. Put your pen away, Joe: I’m straight.

How can anyone stereotype 10 percent of the national population as being “perverts” because they have a lifestyle unlike his? How arrogant can a person be? I’m sure there are gays in Wiedemer’s family somewhere along the line.

Wiedemer must spend all his time reading his own columns and not the rest of the paper for if he did read he would find that almost daily someone is arrested for sexual abuse of a minor – usually but not always heterosexual abuse.

Are these people perverts, too, or has the gay community cornered the market?

I’d like to hear Joe articulate why anyone would willingly choose a gay lifestyle and the ridicule they endure from people such as him for a good portion of their life. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

People love who they love, Joe, and there’s not a darn thing you can do about it except fight windmills.

Mike Gibbons