Think for yourself

Have you ever crossed a busy street assured only by the hand wave of a single yielding driver?

Naturally, we look both ways and trust only our opinion on whether our path is safe and sound.

Currently, many Americans have become linear thinkers. We tend to allow the media and our academic institutions to make up our own opinions for us.

For example, the curriculum of our public state school system in Pennsylvania is based strictly on guidelines established by the PSSA.

Three out of the four leading news networks in America share common political views yet our president of the United States only won a popular vote with 51 percent.

In these trying times, as Americans we must not be afraid to question the reasoning of those around us, even if we feel we’re in the minority. Open your eyes, personally seek out the truths, and look both ways before crossing the road.

Bruce D. Diehl, Hollidaysburg