Supporting Kagarise

These judicial elections are so important to each of us since the judge’s decisions have impact beyond the courtroom.

I was excited to see public forums hosted by the Blair Republican Women for face-to-face meetings with each of the declared candidates. I would be satisfied with whomever of the three choices would be elected.

However, my personal choice would be for Assistant District Attorney Wade Kagarise because I had the nice opportunity to meet and get to know him from when he was attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the early 1990s.

We had several casual encounters since, and I followed his legal career as a public servant through mutual friends and political associates whom I respect.

I admire Kagarise’s personal integrity, his conviction to his faith, his level-headed thinking, common sense, fairness and his consistent conviction to our shared personal values.

This is based on my opportunity to observe these traits up front and personal and then having my assessments confirmed by others.

Jan Mills Sr., Altoona

Supporting Kagarise

Wade Kagarise is the best vote for Blair County judge.

He will be a fair judge because he considers all aspects of a situation before making a decision and demonstrates excellent character in his court appearances.

As a former assistant district attorney for Blair County, I have seen Attorney Kagarise resolve tough cases for the district attorney’s office while always keeping the victims of crime and the achievement of justice at the forefront.

I have seen Kagarise practice with a sophisticated knowledge of Pennsylvania law that would not only continue the high standards of the Blair County court system, but would also enhance the quality of the courts’ service to the county.

Not only does Kagarise already possess the skills and knowledge necessary of a county judgeship, he will bring a tremendous respect for the people of the county and an unmatched integrity to the bench.

Julie Elizabeth Koren