Shuster stretches facts

Where to begin to refute Congressman Bill Shuster’s error-filled editorial in the Mirror? How about the first paragraph?

Shuster claims President Obama uses similar “scare tactics” regarding the sequester cuts to the soothsayer who warned Julius Caesar before his death.

He neglected to point out the soothsayer was right.

Contrary to Shuster’s comments, Obama has had a balanced plan of selective cuts plus tax increases from the wealthiest one per cent since 2011, when he first proposed his “grand bargain” to Speaker Boehner.

Obama ran on that economic plan in 2012 and won decisively.

The sequestration came about because Republicans were holding the “full faith and credit” of the United States as hostage for increasing the debt ceiling, permitting only spending cuts without new revenue.

This continues to be the Republican position, even while Republicans admit, as Shuster does, that “sequestration is not the best way to reduce spending.”

But, it is the only solution for Republicans, who steadfastly refuse to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

Three budgets, written by Congressman Paul Ryan, have passed the House, each requiring no revenue and each dramatically cutting into the safety net that has been in place for the past 75 years, a safety net the Republicans have continually voted to destroy, while the American people have continually voted to protect.

Shuster lauds the Ryan budget that he said cuts spending by $5 trillion over ten years, turns Medicare into a voucher program, creates jobs, gets the economy moving again, with, of course, no new revenue.

This is fantasy, and the American people know it.

Representing a district with one of the lowest income averages in the state, and one of the highest concentrations of senior citizens, Shuster still gets elected even though he supports policies that are detrimental to both.

One way Shuster accomplishes this is by not being honest with the facts, as this latest editorial of his demonstrates.

But if facts were important, this area wouldn’t be solidly Republican, something Shuster surely knows.

Martin P. Baronner, Duncansville