Same-sex marriage a sin

When did society begin to believe it could usurp God’s laws?

God’s laws have been our guidelines for moral and legal living since the beginning. However, in the past few years, our society has grown away from those.

Recently, we have become aware of the push for same-sex marriage and other benefits afforded to married couples. Some states have voted yes to same-sex marriage. Many companies already offer benefits to homosexual partners.

From the beginning, God commanded that couples were to be male and female. On the sixth day, God created the first man, Adam. God then created woman, Eve, to be a companion, helper and wife for Adam.

God did not make another male for Adam. Also, Adam and Eve were directed to be fruitful and multiply. This is not possible for homosexual couples.

Today, so many want to be politically correct. They don’t want to make waves. Some feel that living by God’s laws interferes with their way of life and rights. Sometimes, actions are selfish. Our lives should be directed by the biblical principles set by God.

Every day, we witness more sin and evil. Please pray for our nation and government to make moral decisions. We need to have a virtuous and ethical society. We need to maintain a moral society as an example now and for future generations.

Sharon Finocchio