Overhaul school system

Our school system needs to be changed from bureaucratic mediocrity into a learning-oriented high standard model that both challenges and reinforces students.

We need a system that is more convenient and more effective than anything we have in the unionized 1840-era bureaucratic model of education today.

We must recognize the greatest barrier to convenient learning is the unionized bureaucratic system that absorbs vast amounts of money while protecting unproductive teachers and failing schools with useless credentials and tenure.

In many cities, bureaucrats and unions make it quite clear that they put union interests ahead of children.

They trap children in failing schools and reject demands of parents to be allowed to choose better schools partially funded by government coupons.

The unions have focused on politics and control of the school board so the parents are crushed by the organized power of the people who are failing to educate their children.

We need parental choice, not union monopolies.

The union is a cash cow for left wing political causes that have nothing to do with teachers or education.

David L. Gallagher