Miller respected

Having been born and raised in the Cove and spending most of my adult life in Sinking Valley, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people who truly desire to positively impact our community.

On May 21 we have the opportunity to elect Judge Fred Miller to the Blair County Court of Common Pleas.

Not only has Miller served as district judge for over 10 years, he is active in our community and works both in and out of the courtroom to educate our youth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

He seeks to strengthen our families and community through the establishment of a Veterans Court and a mental health court, a policy of “one family, one judge” and the creation of a child advocacy center.

Miller is respected and supported by our law enforcement community for always taking into account the safety of our community. Please vote for Judge Fred Miller – a judge for judge.

Bonnie (Wineland) Crawford, Tyrone