Miller has track record

As a longtime resident of Blair County, I am writing in support of Judge Fred Miller for Blair County judge.

Miller is the only candidate with judicial experience and a proven track record.

As judge, Miller has earned a reputation for being fair yet tough on those who break the law. He is respected by the Blair County law enforcement community for apply the law fairly, impartially and placing community safety first.

Miller is the only candidate who has established programs to educate our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Please join me and others in the law enforcement community and vote for Judge Fred Miller on May 21 – a judge for judge.

Leon Wagner, Hollidaysburg

Miller has track record

While all three candidates possess experience, only one candidate possesses the right experience – judicial – for county judge: Judge Fred Miller.

During his 10-plus years as judge, Miller has shown the ability to be impartial, apply the law evenly and fairly, and has earned the respect and admiration of the community he serves.

Miller does not need a learning curve. He has shown he can make the difficult decisions and has a proven track record. Miller is the only candidate who has set forth goals that will positively impact our community.

Miller proposes the creation of a “one family, one judge” policy to best serve our families as well as the creation of a veterans’ court, a mental health court, and a child advocacy center to protect those who need our protection the most – our children.

Please join me and vote for Judge Fred Miller – a judge for judge.

Emily Davis, Altoona