Miller can hit ground running

As a 36-year member of the Williamsburg Borough Council and a 13- year member of the Blair County Planning Commission and chairperson for the last four years, I am writing in support of Judge Fred Miller for Blair County judge.

As correctly stated months ago by former state Secretary of Agriculture Sam E. Hayes Jr., Miller will not require on-the-job training – he already has over 10 years of judicial experience.

Miller is the only candidate who, from day one, laid out proposals and fresh ideas on how to positively impact our community. He supports the establishment of a veterans’ court and a mental health court, as well as a policy of “one family – one judge,” all of which will strengthen our families and protect our children. His concern for community safety is evidenced by the support he has from our law enforcement community.

On May 21, please join me in voting for Judge Fred Miller – a judge for judge.

Ernest D. Hetrick