McGinnis keeping word

Too often the only time elected officials get attention for their behavior is when they do the wrong thing.

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about Rep. McGinnis’s exemplary behavior.

During his election campaign, John McGinnis promised the people of the 79th District that he would lead by example and not take per diems.

(Per diems are “expense” payments that lawmakers can get without having to produce receipts. All too often lawmakers abuse the system and use this tax free money as a second source of income.)

You will be happy to know that Rep. McGinnis is a man of his word.

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) monitors per diem payments. From January through the end of March, McGinnis has kept his promise.

He has not accepted any per diem payments. Instead, he has only been reimbursed for actual expenses just like the majority of Pennsylvanians.

Although McGinnis has been in office for only a short time, we wanted to thank him for keeping his promise to taxpayers.

Leo Knepper

Executive Director, CAP