Kagarise reasonable, experienced

Judges make decisions that touch the lives of people, and they need to be knowledgeable, fair and respectful to the citizens for whom they work.

Blair County will find in Wade Kagarise a reasonable person who is experienced and committed to applying the law fairly and accurately.

Based on my experiences, he is hard working and will provide for a just and unbiased legal system.

As a former Army Reservist, I served with Kagarise in an infantry unit. During this time, he demonstrated dedication and support for our overall mission and his patriotism to our country. His commitment as an infantryman represents the highest standards of integrity, moral character, and dedication to duty.

He has the integrity and character of an impartial judge; I believe Blair County will be well served to have him as judge. Please join me in voting for Wade Kagarise.

Stew Merritts, Williamsburg