Kagarise experienced

All too often there are two types of offices where the voters know the least about the candidates and those elected to that position have the greatest impact on our daily lives – school board directors and judges – education of our children and ensuring citizens have the full protection of the law.

And remember, judges are elected for a 10-year term and then may be retained or re-elected until mandatory retirement at age 70.

One of the main reasons I support Wade Kagarise is his extensive experience in the Blair County Court of Common Pleas.

With more than 15 years, experience in the county district attorney’s office, he has extensive criminal trial experience including prosecuting crimes such as murder, rape, assault, child abuse and other such crimes.

I urge the voters of Blair County to join me on May 21 in voting for the most qualified and experienced man, Wade Kagarise.

Palmer Brown


Kagarise experienced

Wade Kagarise by any measure has the most experience and the right kind of experience of any candidate in Blair County’s race for judge.

His hard-earned experience comes from years of arguing many major cases putting criminals behind bars and years standing beside parents and grandparents in custody or adoption matters. He also has spent years guiding families through domestic disputes before the courts.

It is these types of cases that comprise the vast majority heard in Blair courts.

Perhaps the other candidates are knowledgeable in some aspects of law, but Kagarise has both the depth and breadth of knowledge brought by day-to-day experience in front of the court that the others simply can’t hold a candle to.

That is precisely the reason why my family has decided to support Wade Kagarise.

Merwin Updyke