Kagarise deserves job

Blair County residents are hiring a new judge.

When we vote to fill the position on the Blair County Court of Common Pleas we are hiring the person whose decisions will take care of and protect us for the next 10 years.

Over 70 percent of the cases in this court involve criminal or domestic law. There are many situations in domestic law such as abuse which include criminal issues) It only makes sense to hire the person with the most experience in the specific areas of law involved.

Wade Kagarise is the chief deputy district attorney. He has 15-plus years prosecutorial experience. He understands criminals need to be convicted and victims need justice.

In his private practice, Kagarise has handled many corporate, municipal and family cases but he has more background in courtroom criminal and domestic law proceedings than any other candidate running.

Blair County residents need the judge who has experience in criminal law.

Patricia Raugh, Altoona