Kagarise dedicated

I have known Wade Kagarise for many years.

What I respect most about him is his strong work ethic. Kagarise spent summers during high school in the factory at Blank Book Co., working the second or third shifts to help pay for his college education. Instead of celebrating his graduation after high school, he went to Fort Benning, Ga., to serve his country as an infantryman.

After returning, Kagarise finished college and law school in six years instead of the usual seven years.

He graduated from college with honors and earned an academic scholarship while in law school.

Kagarise’s commitment to hard work didn’t end after law school. He simultaneously serves as a prosecutor, operates a successful private practice and teaches criminal law and family law at St. Francis University. It’s Wade Kagarise’s commitment to hard work and public service that has earned him my vote.

Christine Smith


Kagarise dedicated

I am writing in support of Wade Kagarise for judge.

Dedication, consistency, experience and fairness. These are the qualities I have observed Kagarise to possess, and I have viewed him in a variety of situations – in community presentations, in courtrooms, in college classrooms and as my attorney.

It would be correct to say that Kagarise and I find ourselves on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. However, I prize quality of character, range of experience, and dedication to work and fairness over political affiliation.

In the seven years I have known him, we have discussed the most difficult social issues, and though we sometimes disagree, Kagarise has demonstrated to me his understanding of the lack of justice in some social practices.

His argument is that policies should be fairly enforced, that the law should be upheld, that justice should be practiced for all. That is why I support him as judge.

Teelyn Mauney