Gov’t should focus on USA

Lawmakers are saying that chemical weapons could menace the United States.

They probably will since President Barack Obama sent $385 million to Syria supposedly for humanitarian aid. Do we know what this money was used for?

No, we don’t.

Obama said he doesn’t have enough information as to whether they are using chemical weapons, so how would he know what they are doing with the money that he gave them, or should I say that we gave them?

When it is all said and done, we probably helped finance the making of their chemical weapons.

The United States seems to be willing to do so much for other countries that could care less about us. We need to worry more about the country we live in and less about other countries.

It is a real shame the United States has to borrow money to give away to foreign countries just to brag about being the greatest nation in the world. We just keep going further in debt.

The President said that if the Syrian government utilizes chemical weapons he will change his thinking about our role in Syria. Then what?

Another sanction like we did with North Korea about their nuclear tests which did no good.

Lenny Metz, Hollidaysburg