Freedom can go too far

As Memorial Day approaches, out of respect for those who gave some and others who gave all for the sake of liberty, ask yourselves this, “Freedom to do what?”

Freedom to control resources, thus the domination of people? Or, freedom to celebrate, enjoy and share the blessings our planet offers?

To embrace the latter, we must realize money, including any type of currency, is a made-up tool to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

Goods and services, through the work of human hands, become the primary ingredients of the word economy.

Do we respect the “work of human hands” or do we exploit them, such as the American companies related to the Bangladesh tragedy?

Yes, our family members who gave and continue to give all, did and do so, for those who exploit and prey on the work of human hands with money as their God and master.

When elected officials in public office cowardly use the word funding as an excuse for declining and decaying communities while valuable resources (natural gas extracted and exported, precious water sold and ruined) leave communities, it is evident their agenda is not rooted in core character and values needed to celebrate, respect, enjoy and share the blessings of this planet.

The general public has great power and influence as consumers.

But first we must be honest about our answer to, “freedom to do what?”

Etta Albright