Donley knows best

In elementary school, my parents conveyed the message that education was the only avenue for advancement. Our parents made certain that we took advantage of the opportunities not available to them.

As a student of AAHS, my education was second to none. Today, sadly, many students haven’t acquired the ability to craft a persuasive essay by the time they graduate.

Who will be our future authors of “letters to the editor?”

John Donley is not a man to go with the flow or easily agree with the trends of the time. He has an agenda – excellence in education.

Like my father before him, Donley knows that providing our children with a strong foundation is the best chance they have at a better life.

In our current financial position, we are at the precipice of the abyss. Tough decisions will have to be made in the best interests of our students, not our bottom-line.

Heather Jo Eckels