Credit state police for prostitution bust

Kudos to the Pennsylvania State Police for the outstanding job they do protecting the residents of central Pennsylvania.

Forget the mad bombers, mass shooters, pedophiles, heroin dealers, burglars, thieves and other criminals that pose a threat to the public.

Hard-earned taxpayer funds and valuable police resources were well utilized in preventing an alleged prostitute from plying her trade at the Ramada Altoona Conference Center early Friday, April 27.

State police surfing the Internet in an attempt to apprehend this type of individual is always preferable to patrolling the streets or investigating crimes already committed and certainly provides the feeling of safety and security we can all now enjoy.

Men willingly spend small fortunes hoping for, but with no guarantee of, the same result as this $220 business transaction. Jewelry, flowers, dinner and a movie are acceptable. A straight-forward fee-for-service arrangement between two consenting adults is not.

A corporate-ruled and profit-driven capitalist society should never tolerate untaxed and unregulated free-market activity between an independent contractor and a soon-to-be satisfied customer dealing in a sought-after commodity. Only politicians should be able to sell themselves to the highest bidder with impunity.

The apparent willingness of this young woman to engage in honest advertising, be prompt, prepared and negotiate a bottom line price with no hidden fees should never be an example of what to expect when dealing with service providers such as phone, Internet and cable companies.

William Koofer