Carter record on jobs outshines others

In reading U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus’ commentary on how regulations cost money and negatively impact job creation, he brought up the scary notion that our current economy had returned to the “economic malaise during the Carter administration.”

Let’s check the facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job creation data for each president since 1960:

Kennedy-Johnson administrations: 5.9 million

Johnson administration: 9.9 million

Nixon’s first term: 6.2 million

Nixon-Ford administrations: 5.1 million

Carter administration: 10.3 million

Reagan administration (both terms): 16.1 million

Bush 41 administration: 2.6 million

Clinton administration (both terms): 22.7 million

Bush 43 administration: 1.95 million

Jimmy Carter in his four years managed to produce nearly as many jobs as Ronald Reagan did in his second term – 10.3 million for Carter, 10.8 million for Reagan. If you want to go at it by percent of increase, the president with the best job creation rate in the last 40 years is Carter, at 3.1 percent.

He beat everyone on the list. He’s in second place on the overall list (to Franklin D. Roosevelt during WWII) since they started keeping records in the Hoover administration.

Going back to the original intent of Rofthus’ letter, of course some regulations are dumb, unnecessary and costly. Others, like the Clean Water Act and coal mining safety regulations have made our country a much cleaner and safer place to live than anywhere in the world.

Of course, legislators need to be cognizant of the economic impact of regulations. However, economic impact is not the only filter they should use in making their decisions.

And, by the way, let’s stop bashing Carter, one of the most spiritual and giving U.S. presidents in modern history (and the best job creator)!

John Walker

Gaithersburg, Md.