Backs Hollidaysburg trio

I am writing to support lifelong Hollidaysburg residents Drew Swope, Mark Dellinger, and Pat McClain for the Hollidaysburg Area School Board.

All three have children in our schools and want to maintain the best education and extracurricular programs possible.

The challenges that face school districts in the coming years are significant.

Pension contributions will increase significantly, which will greatly impact taxpayers.

We need independent-minded community members who can make objective assessments without conflict of interests.

I have witnessed school officials blaming Harrisburg for their woes. There also seems to be the belief that Harrisburg is going to shake a money tree and solve our problems.

I believe that Swope, Dellinger and McClain have the business acumen and the objective judgment to help our board.

They are fully aware that there is no money tree to be shaken – with the exception of local property owners’ wallets.

Lois Kaneshiki

Blair Township