Andrews has good qualities

Dave Andrews is a man who I have known and worked with for 40 years. I wholeheartedly support him for judge.

He is honest, compassionate, diligent, patient and experienced. Andrews served as solicitor for numerous school districts where I was the union representative.

We handled many contract negotiations and hundreds of employer/employee work issues. His professional demeanor and ability helped facilitate solutions in a mutually acceptable manner.

Andrews was instrumental in the development of timed mediation, which is a process that results in a contract in 48 hours vs. the usual prolonged and sometimes contentious standard bargaining. This process is now widely used throughout Pennsylvania.

He has been a generous supporter of many community activities – educational, social, cultural, health and sports. His wife and children have joined him in his efforts to improve the quality of life in Blair County.

Please vote for Dave Andrews for judge on May 21.

Frank Rosenhoover