AED a valuable device

How wonderful to read about the miracle of two Hollidaysburg students saving the life of a runner who had collapsed on the track.

It is crucial to get help almost immediately to survive a heart attack, and these two boys who were there knew CPR.

There is a device that saves lives, if one is having a heart attack, called an AED, Automatic External Defibrillator.

This automatic device is usually hung on the wall in gyms, in airports, on planes and trains, basically in all public places. The device has a recording, which walks you through the steps of defibrilating the heart, so even a novice can use it.

Last week, two high school students save a teacher’s life when he collapsed in their classroom; they were trained in CPR. Apparently, word went over the loud speaker in the school to bring the AED to the classroom of the victim. Again, a life was saved.

In the world of sad news and lives being lost, it is so heartwarming (pardon the pun) to read of stories like these – young people saving lives, doing what they were taught, reacting immediately.

I am a grassroots advocate for the American Heart Association and learn so much through the office in Harrisburg.

But I really learned in 1989, when my husband, a physician, woke up with chest pain. I called the Duncansville ambulance, even though he said he was okay. The ambulance team came; his heart stopped. Thanks to the Duncansville Ambulance EMTs and a pair of fine local doctors, he survived; then surgery followed.

With the help of many doctors and nurses, he recovered completely, and we are glad to be together almost 47 years.

There were no AEDs then.

If you are reading this and your workplace and/or school does not have at least one AED, please talk to the administration or management where you work.

Let’s try to live healthy lives and be there for each other, especially when we are needed for immediate help.

Heroes are people who save lives every day; we don’t often hear about them.

Thanks for saving so many lives, all you heroes: young people, adults, even animals at times. A second chance, survival, is the best gift that can be given.

Lynn Auerbach Kaplan