AASD board recommendations

Proud Altoona High School alumni and parents of AASD students need to realize the importance of the upcoming school board election.

Two years ago, the electorate stayed away from the polls in droves and allowed a special interest group to elect members who obviously have no desire to maintain the high quality education AASD taxpayers have come to expect under Superintendent Dennis Murray’s visionary leadership over the past 29 years.

Unless the local electorate votes intelligently, I’m certain current and future students will be guaranteed a second rate education.

That’s why I’m voting for John Donley, Charles “Skip” Dry, John Klingeman and Romy Styer-Slogik. They realize that a board must work with administrators, teachers and staff to maintain Altoona’s place as one of Pennsylvania’s finest school districts.

All AASD alumni and parents must vote on May 21 and help give Tom Otto, our new superintendent, a chance to succeed.

Thomas M. Bradley, Altoona