Time Magazine cover a turnoff

When I received my recent edition of Time magazine, dated April 8, I can only say that I was shocked and totally appalled.

The cover of this magazine shows two males kissing each other, lips to lips.

As moderate as I know I am, how do I explain this cover photo to my 8 to 10-year-old grandchildren and 4 to 6-year old great-grandchildren?

Yes, I have canceled my subscription and hope your readers will do the same.

I think the weather forecaster on “Good Morning America,” who is gay and the Ellen DeGeneres show are some of the best in their respective arenas.

The Time cover, written by David Von Drehle, further states “The Supreme Court hasn’t made up its mind – but America has.”

How wrong you are, David, how wrong you are.

John “Jack” Boors