Stricter PFA?laws needed

Hats off to Phil Ray and Kay Stephens for their article about PFAs.

With our current court system, PFAs are ineffective. The police and the court disregard the safety of the victim by ignoring violations of the abuser.

The abusive situation is viewed as a weakness of the victim for failing to get out of the relationship. The abuser is seldom held accountable for his/her behavior. Most abusers know that nothing will be done to stop their pattern of intimidation.

Sometimes an abusive situation ends up with someone’s death. Sometimes the abuser kills the victim, and sometimes the victim is driven to kill the abuser because there seems to be no other recourse.

We need stricter laws to enforce PFAs and make it undesirable for an abuser to continue the practice of intimidation and violence.

Articles like the ones written by Ray and Stephens, hopefully, will bring the lack of enforcement of PFAs to the attention to someone who will care to make appropriate changes.

Carol Franks